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April 3, 2022

Top Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors

Top Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors: For economics majors who have recently graduated from college, the job search can be tough and disheartening. While most jobs are competitive to get, there are some that are much more difficult to acquire than others.

Top Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors

In fact, many economics majors find themselves in jobs that pay well below their education level simply because they don’t know where to look or what to do when searching for jobs in the finance sector or any other field where economics plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of the company or institution. Fortunately, here’s a list of the top ten highest-paying jobs for economics majors!

Here are your Top highest-paying jobs for economics majors. While there are many well-paying careers in terms of annual pay that don’t require a graduate degree, it may still be worth considering continuing your education to obtain an advanced degree and increase your job options. Top Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors With that said, if you’re looking for jobs in which you can earn a lot of money early on and have flexibility in your schedule, then consider these top-paying professions as potential career paths: High Paying Economists: Most experienced economists with a Ph.D.


The role of an actuary is to calculate insurance risks and determine premiums. Because of their unique and valued perspective, actuaries are one of the highest-paid college majors. Actuaries tend to be mathematical geniuses with high levels of computer and problem-solving skills. In fact, most employers will require at least a Master’s degree in Mathematics or Statistics along with extensive practical experience.

Just last year (2012), 25% of all actuaries had a base salary of over $120,000 per year. While demand for these professionals is incredibly high; only 7% of graduates from accredited universities end up landing jobs as actuaries – making them one of the highest-paying jobs for economics majors!

Aerospace Engineer

As an aerospace engineer, you may be required to do a little traveling. If that’s something you’d like to see more of, put your skills and education to work for NASA or another agency. These professionals earn upwards of $115,000 per year designing new planes and spacecraft. Top Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors To get hired in these positions, it is advised that students have extensive knowledge of calculus, physics, and differential equations.

However, more than 20% of aerospace engineers had no formal training in engineering at all when they started out as interns or junior employees at various companies before becoming full-time engineers (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts advise businesses and individuals on money management decisions and investment opportunities. Entry-level financial analysts perform tasks such as research, data entry, or preparing reports that include projections of possible outcomes. In order to increase their earning potential, financial analysts can move into management roles at mid-sized companies or work for financial institutions in a variety of capacities.

Financial analysts are often required to have a bachelor’s degree in economics or finance, but the experience can be substituted for an undergraduate degree depending on employer requirements. The median annual wage for economists was $90,550 in May 2010. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $52,930 and the highest-paid earned more than $168,710 per year.

Medical Physicist

The median salary for medical physicists is $101,750. #3 – Petroleum Engineer: The median salary for petroleum engineers is $120,000. #2 – Actuary: The median salary for actuaries is $132,000. #1 – Economist: Top-notch economists can expect to make a whopping six figures!

The median salary for economists is an eye-popping $134,700. Not bad at all! That’s more than enough to buy you a brand new BMW or Mercedes Benz. But wait… It gets better… An economist with more than 20 years of experience can expect to earn well over $200,000 per year. Now that’s real money!


The government’s budget is complex and they need help with making sense of it. Statisticians help them make sound business decisions by analyzing data. They take complex sets of numbers and simplify them so they can be used by managers to make better decisions.

These types of jobs pay a median salary of $72,700 per year. Some work for private companies or in marketing, but most work for federal, state, or local governments. In addition to an undergraduate degree in economics, many employers also require candidates have at least a master’s degree.

Operations Research Analyst

$88,500/year. Full-time software developers often make around $100,000 a year. That’s because many of them work in Silicon Valley and have stock options from their companies; others are self-employed or own a stake in their business. Software developers must be proficient in at least one computer language such as C++ or Java; they create code that allows computer programs to perform tasks and communicate with one another.

Often, they are called upon to make fixes when problems arise. They must work with hardware engineers to understand how computing devices will respond under different conditions. Top Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors They also attend workshops where they discuss current events and future trends in technology that may affect their work.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), economists earned a median salary of $105,620 in 2014, though top earners could command $188,500 and up per year. Becoming an economist is highly competitive, however; there were fewer than 300 jobs for economists with a Ph.D. in 2012. In 2014 there were 2,650 unemployed economists competing for those jobs while they prepared their applications.

If you are interested in becoming an economist, it’s important to have a solid grasp of statistics and mathematics fundamentals to avoid falling behind your competition during your graduate studies or internship as well as landing that first job out of school.

Computer Programmer

$74,000 – $114,000: No formal education in economics is needed to become a computer programmer. However, math and science skills are necessary for these jobs and some knowledge of software programs is preferred. Computer programmers work with a team of computer engineers to develop software applications for products.

Or businesses using various programming languages such as C++, Java, or Visual Basic. They write source code that communicates with servers or databases and debugs code when errors occur. Computer programmers also test programs to ensure they’re free of errors before they are released to end-users.

Software Developer, Systems Software

This is another area in which economics majors excel. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that from 2016 to 2026, the employment of software developers is expected to grow twice as fast as for all occupations—that’s much faster than average.

Software developers create programs that allow computers and other devices to function correctly and efficiently. This can be done with many different types of programming languages like C++, Visual Basic .NET, Perl, or Java. Top Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors, It is a very lucrative field, with a median salary of over $100K per year. The highest-paid programmers make more than $150K annually.

Financial Consultant

A financial consultant advises clients about their investments, often suggesting a variety of products for them to choose from. The profession draws its own set of challenges, which include identifying and understanding complex securities.

Because consultants may develop long-term relationships with clients, they must remain objective and in compliance with regulatory laws and ethical standards. Financial consultants held an average salary of $89,490 as of May 2011. These figures do not include bonuses or commissions earned by some high performers in higher-level positions.

Financial Examiners

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that financial examiners earn an average annual salary of $81,880. Those in supervisory positions earn even more with average salaries ranging from $90,000 to $92,600 annually. While some training is required for entry-level positions, it’s not necessary if you already have a relevant bachelor’s degree (i.e., economics). It’s worth noting that these are current salary figures; they’re likely to increase over time as well.

Branch Managers (Commercial Banking)

Raking in a six-figure salary might seem like a pipe dream for your average college student. But as an economics major, you’ve got a leg up on your peers when it comes to landing high-paying jobs. According to BLS data from May 2017, bank branch managers earned an average annual wage of $127,690 (or $65.68 per hour).

To be clear, that figure represents median pay—the midpoint of all workers in that category. Some folks in these roles may earn more than that, but some probably make less too. Overall though, it’s safe to say these are high-paying positions and well worth aiming for if you study economics during school or want to get into corporate finance after graduation.


An actuary works with an insurance company to manage risk. This can include anything from determining premiums to calculating policy costs and benefits, to tracking records and stats that help pinpoint profitable opportunities.

While it’s true that a 4-year degree is all you need for most actuarial positions, earning a post-graduate degree is usually necessary for senior-level jobs. The median annual salary of an actuary was $105,350 in 2016, according to the BLS.

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This list should give you a good idea of how to earn more money with your degree. It is important to note that these jobs are optimal for economics majors—these aren’t necessarily your only options.

But these are great options if you want to get paid well! If you enjoyed reading, make sure to share it with your friends and family! Happy job hunting!

Top Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors
Top Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors

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